Plan on some great racing out on Galveston Bay followed by great social events in the evening.  If you have an IPhone be sure to get the Kattack app so it cane be used as a tracker.  The idea is to play back the races each evening on the big screens in LYC's barroom.  If you already have a Kattack tracker that will work as well.  If you do not have either device be sure to contact  the event chair, Bill Lakenmacker (see the home page for contact info).

Don't forget the partiy on Firday and dinner on Saturday.

 Your hosts at their LYC condo on Firday evening will be Angie and Bill Zartler.  This should be a great time to get to know all the competitors and party, party, party.

We have some great local pros like Jay Lutz in the picture below that will likely be available to discuss racing from any point of view you can think of.  In the photo Jay is explaining to the owners and crew of Fleet 17 boats how he is going to run the Sunday practice session.  Its worth noting that this shot was taken on January 8th.


After the races on Saturday, dinner will be served in LYC's Grand Ballroom (visible at the back of the above photo).  Expect to feast on fresh  Texas Shrimp surved Cajun style as in the photo below.