While we cannot guarrantee the most delightful weather that has ever favored your sail, we can probably guarrantee some strong breezes, comfortable temperatures, and bright sunny skies.  Yup, the Texas skies are indeed big and bright.  However you look at it the Texas drought has made for some pretty spectacular sailing conditions.  The water is pretty nice and the wind God is favorable.

In March, weather on Galveston Bay is governed by the Gulf of Mexico's warm waters and big blue Texas Northers that scream across the hil country down on to Galveston Bay.  The warm waters of the Gulf result in 10-15 kn Southerlies while the Blue Northers can generated 20+ kt breezes.  Regardless of wind direction, the relatively shallow waters of the bay provide challenging sailing conditions for even the most profecient sailors.

Did I say shallow waters?  Yes, I did, but not to worry we will be sailing in the deepest part of the bay so water depth will not be an issue.